Monday, 27 February 2017


Distance from home,  from friends,  family and work.  Sometimes the distance is good,  sometimes it's bad..

 I will never regret my choice to travel.

 I know some may consider this choice to be non sustainable but neither is working everyday,  day in, day out.  Working OT to puff up that paycheck.  Tonight,  the distance seperated me from hearing of the death of a man I considered a friend.  He died a month ago..   A tough prick that when we first met, wouldn't even talk to me.  I was too new at the plant to be trained by him...  But I wore him down. Shift after shift I worked at him like I do and we became friends.  We joked during long and exhausting graveyards and bitched about plant issues together...  Looking back,  it was just to pass the time..  He worked everyday..  seriously every fucking day..  THAT is not sustainable..  His heart gave out.  His wife and kids will miss him.

Tell you what is sustainable...  Being free. Free to drop hook in paradise after paradise. Free to slip over the gunwale to spear my dinner. Free to meet new people and love them..  Free to say goodbye to them too.  Free to camp under the stars with amazing friends.  Free to open my heart up in the middle of the night knowing it is for not. To rub a friend's back and feel myself fall and then pull myself back.   To worry about my people and spend all my energy on them.  Free to end that too.  Free to wander down a foreign street during carnival with my headphones on in obscurity.  To not give up. To wait, to love, to let my walls down. 

My point is, beyond the obvious, so many can not see the full picture.  Most people see in 2 dimension.  They see what society has made them..  Drones set to work,  pay bills,  live in their little box. 

  The world is not 2 dimensional,  nor is it 3 dimensional. It is so much more than that.

This life gives freely if you are just not afraid to reach for it..   This last year I almost died in South America by a kid with a machete over a backpack. Made me realize my life needed to change..   So I made the change.

I have fed wild monkeys bananas and coaxed their babies to trust humans.   

 I sailed an amazing viking ship with an amazing crew. Slept beside them, sweat with them, sang and danced with them..  Made lifelong friends..  I was terrified when I quit my job to set sail..   Like the saying goes, I threw off the lines.  Stepped off into the world with no solid plan, just an unmanifested dream and a 27ft sailboat.

I will never regret my choice to travel.

Whether it is the rush of surfing down waves under full sail or waking up to the gentle lap of the water on the hull. Or seeing the look of happiness on a friend's face before we get hurled through the air on a Mexican carnival ride.  Or watching my mates look for lobsters under rocks and then buying them for dinner..  None of this would have happened.. My life wouldn't have been made richer by all these experiences if I had stayed cradled in that rut.  I'd have never met so many of my people..  I live a blessed life.  I am richer for it..

I will never regret my choice to travel

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Slowly the VLOG is set to catch up!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Now that I am tied comfortably in a marina in the Cortez,  I am hoping to be able to catch up on some blogging and put more out there for the VLOG.

The original intent with the VLOG was to keep the friends and family engaged with the voyage.  A video stimulates so much more than words and pictures.   Here is a list of the videos in the VLOG so far.  If you have time, enjoy them! ☺😎

Hope you enjoy!